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2012 Church Calendar of Events
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March 2012

03/07/2012 End of 21 Day Congregational Fast

03/10/2011 Matron St. Patrick Day Tea Time to be announced (2nd Saturday)

03/25/2011 Annual Men's Day @ 3PM Speaker to be announced


April 2012

04/14/2012~Quarterly Business Meeting @ 9AM (2nd Saturday)

04/14/2012 Senior Citizen Musical the time to be announce (2ND Saturday)

04/15/2012 Usher Anniversary @ 3PM 3rd Sunday

04/22/2012 Easter Sunday/Youth Easter Program 4th Sunday time to be announced

04/25-27-2012 Spring & Youth Revival @ 7PM ~George Beacham will be the speaker

 04/29/2012 St. Mary District Missionaries will visit AAMBC during 11AM service


May 2012

05/20/2012 Youth has 3rd Sunday in every month.

 05/27/2012 Senior Citizen Anniversary @ 3PM & Missionary Day Combined


June 2012

Vacation Bible School June 13th-15th 9AM-12PM

06/24/2012 Annual Matron Day @ 3PM 4th Sunday


July 2012

07/14/2012~Quarterly Business Meeting @ 9AM (2nd Saturday)

07/07/2012-07/08/2011Combined Choir Celebration Time TBA..


August 2012

08/26/2011 Annual women's Day @ 3PM 4th Sunday

08/27-08/31/2012 Annual Fall Revival @ 7PM nightly Speaker to be announced


September 2012

09/23/2011  Deaconess Day Recognition of Deaconesses in the Church during Morning Service


October 2012

10/07/2012  Minister Wives Recognition (Morning Service)

10/13/2012~Quarterly Business Meeting @ 9AM (2nd Saturday)

10/28/2011  Harvest Day & Church Anniversary Celebration @ 3PM speaker to be announced

Harvest Carnival Time and Date to be announced

 November 2012

11/03/2011  Matron Annual Hat & Fashion Show @ 4PM

 December 2012

12/16/2011  Youth Christmas Program @ 3PM